Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fearless By Eric Blehm

U.S. Navy SEAL Team SIX: Hero, Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend, God's Faithful Guy--ADAM BROWN
This is a story about just an absolute, terrific, all-around guy...maybe a little crazy, okay, maybe a whole lot of crazy. I mean this with all the respect and love for this wonderful man. Thru God's amazing grace, a man's life was turned around to become a U.S. Navy SEAL. Adam Brown fought for his friends, his family, his country and most importantly, he loved God. From the time Adam was a little boy, he was a dare-devil. He was small, but mighty, never backing down, never saying, "No." or "I can't do it."
Adam went from some crazy high school years where he was loved by everyone, stuck up and defended the weak and friendless, and danced with the wallflowers. He went from a promising future to a very dangerous, unhealthy lifestyle to hitting rock bottom. Like all great stories, God knocked on Adam's door--thru his parents hearts, God began to work in this family, and eventually He, our God and Lover of our souls, got into Adam's heart. At last, Adam became the man, son, friend, father, husband, and SEAL that God created him to be.
This is a wonderful story of an average boy, high-school jock/ladies man/goofball. It continues with his devastating, harmful life, and then to a career and life that is virtually unattainable by anyone in the world: U.S. Navy SEAL. Adam not only became a Navy SEAL, he did it under ridiculous injuries and demons waiting to take him out. Nothing and no one could take Adam down, no one could tell him he couldn't do something.
Ryan, Adam's friend who had taken him in during a difficult time in Adam's life, had a conversation one night with Adam and it is the essence of this book. ~~"How beautiful grace is and how God's grace can redeem so much darkness and what was so ugly can be made beautiful"~~ This was Adam's life: Ugliness turned into a beautiful, courageous life. That was Adam.
During Navy SEALS training a friend of Adam's had told of a day during surf-torture training: "They'd made us lie down and link arms in the sand, freezing cold waves splashing over us, our teeth chattering like we're running a jackhammer, and I'd look over at Adam next to me, and he was blue from the cold and grinning, like he was loving it. I remember thinking, What is driving this guy?" This is only the tip of the spear. Adam was ridiculously driven.
You will laugh, cry, smile, look up to God and say, 'Wow, God, that was you!", and cry even harder. Adam was one of a kind and I am thankful to everyone that shared their stories of Adam and his family. Adam truly "Shoveled the sh#t so our families, so the United States, can have what we have and live the way that we do." Thank-you, Adam.
WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing group has provided me with this book complimentary for review purposes.
~~Lose Yourself
Jeanna Noelle

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