Saturday, April 20, 2013


 I didn't know what to think of this book in the beginning.  This is the second book in this series.  The first being Be Still My Soul and unless you have read the first book, it will take at least two chapters to finally catch on to what is going on.  That was a tad annoying, but once I got the hang of the storyline, it was actually a good story.  This is definitely a story of a couple in love, forced apart by religion and the law.  Gideon and Lonnie learn to trust in God fully because they soon learn that is their only hope!  These two faithful servants of the Lord trust God even when it feels like, with everything in them, God has turned His back on them.
Gideon very quickly learns he is married to two women.  In the eyes of the church he is still married to Cassie, but was this a terrible mistake that can be fixed easily or will Gideon have to reunite with Cassie and make it work?  Though My Heart is Torn speaks of the three main character's hearts, it tore mine too. I could clearly see God working in one way and then it seems as if the author wanted to turn the story around and make God work in a way befitting her audiences approval.  Although the storyline was good and it held my attention, it seemed like the author was confusing things and making God work in the way she wanted to. 
There is a third book coming out and if it weren't for that, I would have been a little angry at how the book ended.  It cut off in the last act. I can say that I do want to read the first in the series Be Still My Soul to see how Gideon and Lonnie's love story started.
WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing group has provided me with this book complimentary for review purposes.
~~Lose Yourself
Jeanna Noelle

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