Saturday, April 19, 2014


Spoken For by Robin Jones Gunn & Alyssa Joy Bethke

This book is SOOOO good! Make sure you have a highlighter and pen because you will use it!! From the very first few pages to the end of the book--I have highlighted and marked up.  When I have a book that is completely marked in, I know have a treasure on my hands!!

This book speaks to the single, married, happily-married, divorced and separated.  It took me awhile to understand and grasp the fact that there is no man on earth who can fulfill our needs, wants, and desires the way our Lord can!!   I have been on an amazing walk with God these past few years thanks to my divorce and the Lord has been showing me He is what I have longed for my whole life.  This book helped cement that in stone for me.  Not only is it impossible to put this heavy task on a man, it is unfair.  We are very imperfect people, incapable of meeting someone else's deepest need of wanting to be loved and cherished beyond human control. We can't give another human being everything they need and desire, and no one can do that for us, only our perfect Lord can.

I absolutely LOVE this book.  Robin and Alyssa share stories from their own lives--doing what every woman I know has done--giving the men in our lives too much control over our emotions and happiness.  I have been a girlfriend, a wife, a divorcee, and a very broken girl.  I learned through that heartache and desire that only one person can fulfill in me what was so empty.  Jesus wants to be the One you turn to--not only when you are lonely, but when you are content.  The authors did a beautiful job of reiterating what I have come to know and love about our Lord.  We belong to Christ, He pursues us, wants us, and makes it so unbelievably clear through His word.  He is enough, He is so good--all of the time and when we ask, he manifests Himself in ways that are remarkably beautiful!!  And He is crazy in love with us!

Waterbrook Publishing provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.   

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